Other People's Junk

I stumbled upon DropSpots.org which has this theory that you go to a place and put a possession in hopes of someone finding it. To even the odds, you go online and then mark the place where you stuffed it onto google maps and then wait untill someone grabs it.

Of course, in theory - this is a great idea! Just go around the corner and drop off a possession, but it must be more mysterious than that. I don't think people are as interested in dropping things off as much as they are interested in picking things up.

Anthropologically it's very interesting: why is someone so concerned about finding a note/cd/book/message/toy from someone they have never meet before? And, better yet, why should this object hold such a special meaning?

It's a bit like Postsecret but... not. I think the worst part is that instead of sending the secrets to one guy located in Maryland, you actually end up keeping the memento because of this inherent special value.

I am willing just to drop something off, mostly because I have to drive to the thrift store, but I doubt I'll pick up anyone's old, rained-on book or "bread pig."

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